Saturday, August 6, 2011


Welcome to a tale of big dreams.  This is the story of Zoe Dynasty and the generations that would follow her.  Sit back, get comfy and enjoy the long journey that we are about to embark on, in the Zoe zone.

This is the tale of Zoe Dynasty, a small town girl with big dreams. She wasn't always Zoe Dynasty, she used to be Anne McDonald, and she used to live way out in the country on a little farm. 

She would work day and night on that farm to make her ailing Pa happy.  Her father, affectionately refered to as Old McDonald, loved his farm but was getting too old to work on it like he used to.

 Old McDonald didn't have a wife or other children to help him out, so it was all left to Anne.  Anne's mother went on a 'vacation' when she was still a young child.  In truth, she was admitted to the crazy house, after being driven there from having to listen to animal noises day in and day out.  Still to this day she sits in her room repeating over and over, "here a oink, there an oink, everywhere an oink oink" and so on and so forth with different animal sounds.

So, Anne was on her own.  Anne hated the farm and wanted desperately to move and follow her dreams of becoming a big movie star in SimWood. 

She couldn't bring herself to leave her dying father all alone, nor could she sell the failing farm and move the two of them to the city.  Finally, the day came when Old McDonald passed away.  Anne was in his room with him and would forever remember his dying groan, "ee-i-ee-i-ohhhhhhhhhhhh", and then there was nothing. 

Anne promptly sold the farm (for not much money at all, as Anne was not very responsible when it came to taking care of the farm), and moved to the big city.  Of course, inbetween selling the farm and moving, she got herself a nice fancy name change. Because, lets face it, who would really want to know the story of Anne McDonald, farmers daughter?